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Stronger Me :)

 Hi! :) It’s been a month since i posted my blog about my break up with my almost seven year boyfriend. I am writing this blog for all of you to know that I completely moved on. Unbelievable, but it’s true. Some people might think that I am just pretending. No, it’s genuine. After all of his stupid lies and dramas, I no longer believe him and I am really turned off! When I woke up the following day after he confided that he reconciled with his girl, I was shocked and in an instant, my feelings faded. He’s a perfect epitome of a psychopath person.

 I want to thank the Lord for guiding me always. He never fails to make me happy. I know that there is a best life ahead of me. Actually, I am feeling it right now. There’s nothing I could ask for more. I feel free and complete. Also, there is someone who keeps on inspiring me. Well, he doesn’t know that I have a very big big crush on him. As long as we communicate, I am already happy :) I am also hoping that we can go out some time :)

It’s official :(

After being together for almost seven years, now it’s finallly over :( I cannot describe how exactly I am feeling right now..Part of me wants to let him go but the other wants to plead to start over again..My feelings toward him is very questionnable. Though he said that he loves me, I no longer feel it.. I never thought he’d cheat on me :( that is too much :( I know that God has not only the better but the best life ahead of me..For now, I feel devastated and frustrated but i know that in time, I will be okay..very much the point that he’ll regret all the things he had done to me..I feel so lucky to have good friends around me, especially my supportive and loving family..Every time I feel weak and wants to cry, they are the only ones who can make me feel better..I have to be strong and should stay away from him..I will be waiting for the man who will love me unconditionally and infinitely..UNDERSTANDING, FIDELITY AND LOVE..three words that soon will be established for my new relationship..In time, I know, I will be completely happy :)

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